Hydrology Online

This project is funded by the NSF RAPID Hydrologic Sciences program (Award 2028778). It’s meant to make teaching courses online easier and better (sensu Sal Khan of Khan Academy). The team includes:

This landing page is under construction. But we wanted to share our first complete sets of lectures/homework/applications. Eventually we hope a bunch of people will contribute to this page and hydrolearn, which helped inspire our approach.

Fully developed modules

These modules contain video lectures, assignments, grading rubric and overall module goals.

Hydrograph Separation (Anna Bergstrom)

Velocity Area (Covino lab)

Dilution Gauging (Covino lab)

Stream Health (Covino lab)

Meteorological Measurements (Covino lab)

Fluvial Geomorphology (Covino lab)

Hydrographs & Rating Curves (Covino lab)

Stand alone shiny apps

These applications have no teaching material associated with them, but could be easily included into class exercises or homeworks.

Biogeochemistry online

We have spent considerably more time developing the hydrology portion of this work, but plan on developing more biogeochemistry modules soon. In the meantime we have several shinyapps that could be used for interactive teaching. Lots more to come here before 2021.

Stand Alone Assignments (interactive tutorials)


This work is a collaborative effort across many groups and is funded by an NSF RAPID #2028737. We hope to keep expanding and are eager for community contributions through GitHub or directly contacting team members.

The main contributors to the page so far are:


Want to contribute? You can either directly fork our GitHub repo and add your own content with a pull request.


You can contact us and we can translate your course notes, rubric, and assignment into a web version to be hosted here, ideally with YouTube lectures already recorded!